About Us

What We Do

SchoolMerch.Shop is a B2B service that works with high schools, middle schools and elementary schools to sell screen printed and embroidered school merchandise. We work with nearly 400 schools around the nation to sell quality school merchandise.

How We Do It

To make this possible, we produce quality customized websites for each school. Customers can order from a range of products, including brand name and non-brand name. They can also check their orders, status and shipping.

We are the actual manufacturers of the products and invest in the up-front costs of each item we sell. We carry and manage all inventory. In other words, the purchase, manufacture and shipping of each product is handled entirely by us. We do all the work and all we ask is a small percentage of the profits.

Our Promise To You

We’re dedicated to the production and sale of quality school merch. Our team of experts know how to run the show and keep this process moving without a lot of involvement from our clients. This leaves you to do what you do best, while your school merch is made available for students who want it.